How we will help you

We will take the “worry” out of your daily life.

Through a legal process we will restructure your current financial commitments and safe guard your assets.We will negotiate lower interest rates and payment obligations to enable you to maintain a reasonable standard of living. This will give you peace of mind and a better night’s rest.

We will restructure your current financial commitments into one consolidated monthly payment instead of several payments as is your current situation. We will monitor account balances on a regular basis and obtain paid up letters when accounts are settled. We will assist with your clearance certificate which states that you have met ALL your obligations in terms of the granted court order.

The result: Debt FREE and a HEALTHY credit record

Let us get you out of debt


Giving you Financial Freedom

With more than 10 years successful experience and personal assistance- your financial future is guaranteed. We will ensure that you meet your financial obligations in a responsible manner as per the National Credit Act.

1. We will advise you step by step through the process.
2. We will ensure that your assets are protected.
3. We will ensure that your credit record is restored

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