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Kevin Russell Registered Debt Counsellor
NCR Reg Number NCRDC 384
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When you have large debts, it’s likely that you will be suffering from stress and anxiety over it.

Along with the financial worries, struggling with debt often leads to depression, anxiety and stress and can cause tension or arguments between you and your loved ones as well as have a negative effect on your working performance.  


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We can’t take all your stress away but we can assist with your Debt Stress
·      Stop Creditors hassling you for money;
·      Your monthly repayments will be reduced;
·      No additional loans required;
·      Become Debt Free within 24 – 60 months;
·      Credit Providers communicate with your Debt Counsellor, not You.
How do you know you need a debt counsellor?

  • You use your credit card and overdraft facilities to pay debts and buy food and other necessities ;
  • You borrow money to pay other debts;
  • You skip payments on some accounts in order to pay others because you cannot keep up;
  • You cannot pay your bills at the end of the month;
  • You receive threatening letters, sms’s and phone calls from credit providers, which will lead to summonses alternatively garnish orders on salary;
  •  You are considering to be placed under administration;
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